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What's On

Find what's on in Kendal, then maybe consider Taxis Kendal.

I'm the only taxi in Kendal offering to get you there with great service AND great music. I'm a much recommended one man band, and I work from 7.00 pm to the early hours, but not on Mondays. 

I have a 1300 song jukebox to provide classical, rock 'n' roll, rock, fun, kids, modern, and other genres to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.  

Also, I edit the songs - to level volumes, reduce the length of slow introductions, accentuate exciting parts, and remove boring sections.  It works, and I have an enviable reputation for it! 

I love camping most in life. Below is my camping video, taken in September 2016. There are two walking movies on other pages of this site. These were made with the help of my girlfriend, who's most attractive in walking boots and a cagoule!

But she does insist on a hairbrush.  And she claims I don't know how to treat a lady.  

We both prefer a view while sheltered under a tarpaulin, with the rain coming down, to the same view from a five star hotel, though!

About Us

This is my newest section on this page  and is still being updated.  Some of it will seem like a C.V.!


9 "O" levels, 4 "A" levels, and a degree in Biochemistry.

Criminal Records Bureau Check (Enhanced), Taxi Driving Test, Hackney Carriage Licence (Personal), Hackney Carriage Licence (Vehicle).


I have thirteen years of experience as a taxi driver.  I spent five years in Hastings, East Sussex, and eight years here in Kendal.  I've been an independent for seven years, and love giving the service that an independent can give.  I started off under the name "Easter Bunny's Taxi Co Inc", and now operate under the name "Taxis Kendal" so I don't scare off any potential customers looking for a safe taxi company! 


Camping, walking, cycling, editing music for the car, travel, The News, the war against Isis, Scientific and Technological discoveries.  Oh, I think I should mention my girlfriend... And my two cats, Morning and Beauty!


Keep It Simple...so I've never been married or had children.

Honesty... so I can look at myself in the mirror and say, "You may not be pretty, but you're a nice guy".

Science over Faith... Biologists, Geologists and Astronomers make more logical, evidence-based statements than preachers do.

Treat people as you would have them treat you.

James Morris

Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952

30 Highgate, Kendal LA4 4SX

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What's On in Kendal; Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952

Above; my first promotional photograph - taken in Borrowdale, near Keswick, in 2010.  Some say Borrowdale is the most beautiful valley in the Lake District.

What's On in Kendal, 2  at a topograph in France

The two photos here, are of me in Aix-en-Provence, in Southern France on a hill-top view-point, and in Northern France with the bicycle.  I've cycled since the age of five, and gone camping since the age of thirteen.  I was skinny then.  My older brother is map-reading in the photograph.  I'm pretty good, myself now, which comes in useful for work and for my days off.

Kendal What's On, 3  James Morris cycling in France

I've walked, cycled, and paddled across England, Scotland and Wales, been a caver for ten years, and obtained the "Advanced" level in scuba diving.  I love the outdoors. Nowadays, my girlfriend and I are very comfortable in our tent, with a foam double bed, pillows, barbecue, and twin en-suite!