Oxenholme Train Station Taxi

Oxenholme Train Station Taxi

I'm sorry, but I'm not available at the moment.  I'm trying to write and produce my second song.

This is Taxis Kendal.    I'm a popular small taxi company, starting at  7 pm, covering Kendal and Oxenholme Lake District train station. And I'm available six evenings a week, with Mondays off.  I offer superb punctuality, friendliness, and comfort. 

Telephone 07570 844952. Or text if before 7pm or if you have bad reception.  You can email, too, to taxiskendal@mail.com.

Please tell me:

your name...

the number of passengers...

the scheduled time of arrival at Oxenholme Train Stanion ...

what station you get or got ON the train...

how many people there are...       and

the full address and postcode of the destination.

NOTE:  There are two entrances to Oxenholme train station.  If coming from the North, the exit takes you to the ticket office and "Taxis".   But if coming from the South, you go down the slope to the subway and turn right to the road.

My Skoda Octavia Elegance Mark 3 (see right) takes four passengers in superior comfort and safety, and offers a 1300 song jukebox of music. 

But I do not allow dogs in the car, unless they are to help someone with a disability.  I've had unpleasant experiences with dogs in my taxi.

I'm delighted to provide a taxi at Oxenholme station, but please note that as I'm based two miles away, travel must be economically viable.

Outside my working hours, my phone is usually on silent.  I need peace outside of work, and most people who call want a taxi within the hour. So if you'd like to book a taxi in advance, please text me.  I do look at my phone periodically!

Below - taken in 2000, this photo shows me in woods near Patterdale. 

James Morris, near Patterdale 1
Why my car is superior

It's cleaner... My car mats are brushed several times a night, windscreens wiped almost daily, and the paintwork cleaned and waxed weekly.

It's safer... It's a Skoda Octavia Elegance Mark III.  This car was "Most Recommended" by Autoexpress Magazine for two years running.  It has more airbags and other safety features than most cars.

The tyres... are changed between winter and summer, and I use the Continental Sport or Winter Contact tyres; again "Most Recommended" by Autoexpress Magazine. 

I own and run this car...  I check the tyre pressures and fluids every day, and ensure it is safe.  I change light bulbs very soon after they fail, and carry tools for replacing a tyre or other mishaps.  In bigger firms the driver may not be able or inclined to maintain the car properly. He or she may not own it, nor be able to repair a fault.

It's more comfortable... The Mark III Skoda Octavia Elegance is longer than most cars used as taxis.  So there's more leg room and boot space.  Plus, the car mats are handmade with a carpet underlay double layer.  This cuts down the vibration while travelling.

It's nicer looking... You won't be embarrassed to be seen arriving or leaving a venue in it.  People have even chosen me to take newly-wed couples to and from their hotel!

Music... It has a very good music system, with 1300 readily accessible songs.  It can vary from classical to modern.

Finally... It's driven by an honest, nice guy; me!

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The photos and video below might help you recognise me and the car.  They are current as of August 2018.


Oxenholme train station taxis June 2016

Nothing has changed apart from the number plate; to GL14 OPN.

Oxenholme Taxi 6.7.18 2


Taxis at Oxenholme train station 16.6.16



Oxenholme Lake District Station 2017

The next video shows my love of the Lake District.  Another walking video, and camping videos, are on other pages of this site. They're nothing special, but they might help you understand my passion for the countryside. The countryside, my music,  and my cats fill my spare time admirably.

2016 had been a bit of a revolution, with new comforts including a tarpaulin and poles.  My ex-girlfriend and I happily sat out in the rain under the tarp on chairs with a table and barbecue! 

This was taken at the pub campsite at Wasdale.  It has wonderful views, but unfortunately doesn't take my campervan, sob.  The National Trust campsite just down the road takes campervans, but it's best to go when the leaves are off the trees if you want to see the views.

The photo below is my main logo, and is used on websites such as Yell.com, and for the banner at the top of each page of this website.  And for my website's favicon.  If you're using a desktop, you should see a tiny image at the top of your screen on the tab showing my website's web address.  It's like the "G" that Google has for its own favicon and the "F for Facebook.  But better!  Humble smug nerdy taxi-driver.

Oxenholme Station Taxis  - Taxis Kendal 2018

James Morris, Taxis Kendal

30 Highgate, Kendal, Cumbria  LA9 4SX

07570 844952