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I had to replace a tyre this week. I had a puncture. Surprisingly, since it was a “run-flat”, no tyre dealer will repair it. It seems that a run-flat tyre has extra rubber in the side-wall to stop the tyre being deflated if it loses all its air. It should never be used if your car doesn’t warn you that your tyre has low pressure. Also, since the rubber may not show damage, when it is damaged, tyre dealers won’t repair it. I’ll never buy a run-flat again!
I’ve replaced the rear car mats this week, which I sewed myself to give a better fit. This should help the cleanliness as well as the internal appearance of the car.
I’ve been fiddling with the inner workings of my website; technical stuff to do with images, alt-text, and SEO.
And two new songs have been added to the jukebox. Please keep your suggestions coming!
Posted 132 weeks ago

The video below introduces you to my two cats;taken in June 2016.

Here, I'm in New York!  I had a fly-drive holiday via Boston, New York and Washington.

James Morris, New York, by traffic lights

Below; walking and camping brought me to the Lake District.

I'm in my twenties here, long distance walking.  You can see that the quality of the tent wasn't a priority at the time!  There's no porch to store wet clothes or shoes.  And you can see that I prefer trainers to boots.  I used to get blisters from boots, and my feet don't mind getting wet, and rarely feel the cold.

James Morris, camping, early days

And now, a photo taken just before I followed my tank platoon leader into battle.

James Morris, on a WW II tank in France.  Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952  My blog

And leading men's fashion in Pisa, Italy...  

James Morris, Pisa, Italy

This was taken in Spring 2014 at Wansfell Pike, near Ambleside.

You can see that I'm now sporting fell running trainers and a wide brimmed hat. You learn and develop new attire as you gain experience and income!

Jolly Green Giant, low hill in Lake District 2014

James Morris

Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952

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