Nightlife and Evening Entertainment

Nightlife and Entertainment

Kendal's nightlife and evening entertainment can get off to a great start with Taxis Kendal.

I'm a popular one man company equipped with a famous  jukebox. And I try to provide the best service I can. You can telephone me on 07570 844952.

As part of my endevour to provide the most reliable and enjoyable taxi journey in Kendal, the car is equipped with over 1300 songs for your enjoyment. I generally buy and edit two new songs every week.

Most tracks are personally edited to get the most out of them. Most genres are covered, too. An uninspiring video is below.

This video shows me singing. Horribly. I've sung in choirs; beautifully, I'm told.  I know it's crazy, if you've seen this, to suggest looking at another of my videos on this site. So I won't. Much.

Customer feedback includes:

 "You're the best taxi-driver in Kendal!"
"That's the best journey I've ever had!"

"This must be the cleanest cab in Kendal!"

"Can we drive round town before we stop?"

"Hi, we really enjoyed our journey - what a brilliant idea to have a playlist inside your car.... I will share."

"You're the best singalong ever!"

The photograph below is of me in Holland.  I admit; it's my brother's bike.  I've owned a Kawasaki 250 myself.  The Yamaha Phazer in the photo is 1000cc.

James Morris, motorbike, France or Belgium or Holland

Here, I'm preparing to dive the waters off Hastings, East Sussex. I gained the Paddy Advanced Open Water Qualification, and preferred cold, murky conditions to warm, clear conditions.  Perhaps due to ten years of caving.

James Morris, Hasting beach, before scuba-diving

If you're logged on to Facebook, you're two clicks away from phoning me if you click the link below...


Kendal Nightlife and Evening Entertainment - Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952 1

Formerly known as Easter Bunny's Taxi Co Inc., Taxis Kendal is still famous for great music. 

The number plate is a humble reminder of my previous business name.  It's supposed to be E BUNNY, but people only recognise it if I point it out to them.  What a waste of £300!

Kendal nightlife and evening entertainment, Easter Bunny's Taxi Co Inc 1

Restaurants that I'm pleased to do business with:

Dé-jà-vu - High Cuisine - Maude St - 01539 724843

The Moon - High Cuisine - 129 Highgate - 01539 729254

India - Indian - Blackhall Road - 01539 722711

Mumbai - Indian - Stramongate - 01539 723787

Paulo Giannis - Italian - Stramongate -    01539 725858

Eastern Balti - Indian - Wildman Street - 01539 724074.

Below: on the Dover ferry to Calais.  My long distance walking took me abroad three times.

James Morris on the Dover to Calais ferry, hitch-hiking into France

Public Houses that I'm  pleased to do business with:

Globe Inn - Market Place - 01539 733589

The New Union PH - 159 Strickland gate - 01539 726019

The Heron PH - Esthwaite Avenue - 01539 737571

The Jukebox 

Genres covered 

Classical, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and modern.

Rock 'n' Roll, Rock, Punk Rock, Glam Rock, New Wave, Trance, Motown and Soul.

Folk, Country, Country and Western, and Blues.

Instrumentals... such as Classical, TV themes, Movie themes, and movie soundtracks.

Fun, Cheese, Kids, Singalong, and Monty Python.

Artists Covered In Depth... Abba ACDC, Beatles, Bee Gees, Blondie, Cliff Richard, Dire Straits, Dolly Parton, E.L.O., Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Queen, Rolling Stones, The Seekers, and The Who. 

Great Singers, including... Aled Jones, John Denver, Roger Whittaker, Shirley Basset, and Simon & Garfunkel.

James Morris

Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952

30 Highgate, Kendal   LA9 4SX

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