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The Contact Us and Downloads page

Regarding downloads, I have a couple here...

The first is the latest "Table of Fares" for taxis in the South Lakes area.  This is used by our taximeters to determine the taxi price.  It is current today, on 27 July 2018, and no changes are anticipated yet.

2014 Taxi Table of Fares.pdf 2014 Taxi Table of Fares.pdf
Size : 14.038 Kb
Type : pdf

SLDC Taxi Table Of Fares 2014

The next download for you is the licensing guidelines for taxis and their owners in the area covered by South Lakes District Council, and was valid in January 2016.  This shows what hoops we drivers have to jump through in order to keep ourselves and our vehicles licensed.  It's useful reading if you're mad enough to consider becoming a taxi-driver, too!

SLDC Taxi Licensing Policy 2016.pdf SLDC Taxi Licensing Policy 2016.pdf
Size : 3592.482 Kb
Type : pdf

To book a taxi

To book a taxi, call the phone number above. For queries out of hours you can text to that number or email me at

Or, if you like forms and Captcha tests, you can fill in the form below.

Contact Us

Below are pictures from my caving days. I'm the tall, muddy guy under a yellow helmet (second from left). I was a caver for ten years, mainly in digging for new passageways; starting while I was at university.

Downloads Page, Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952  James Morris covered in mud

James Morris; group photo as a caver, year 1 or 2


 Taxis Kendal, Logo

This promotional photo of is me and "Sarah", in Borrowdale, Lake District.  Sarah is my previous car; the Mark 2 model of my present car, and this image is the basis of my logo.

And below - a second video of myself walking.  The first is on the Oxenholme Train Station page.


You can find me opposite 30 Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4SX if I'm not busy.  Otherwise, you can phone me on 07570 844952.  Or text.  Or email me on

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