Taxis Kendal

Taxis Kendal

This is Taxis Kendal; an acclaimed Kendal taxi service in Cumbria. 

I'm a popular independent company, working evenings from 7pm - late, except Mondays. I offer superior reliability, a superior car, friendliness, and a wide choice of music. Telephone 07570 844952.

My spacious, semi-luxurious saloon car can take up to four passengers. And it offers a 1300 song jukebox of personally edited music; from Classical to Modern. 

It's a Skoda Octavia Elegance Mark 3, with more leg-room, more air-bags, part-leather upholstery, and cushioned car mats.

Taxis Kendal, 07570 844952 16.6.16

You can recognise me (James Morris), and my car, from these two photos. They were taken in June 2016, and are still current.

I cover Kendal train station, Kendal bus station, and all parts of Kendal.  I have extensive knowledge of the area and an outstanding research ability.

I accept most payment cards as well as cash.

Taxis Kendal 2 16.6.16

It's usually best to telephone me on 07570 844952. 

But you can also send a message to my phone if you have bad reception or if you're outside my working hours. And you can even send an email to

I do strive to provide the best service in Kendal. So I'd be very grateful if you left a review! You may need to register your email address with Google, but you start via the link below.

Here's my promotional video; from January 2017. It might help you recognise me and my car. The other pages of this website each have a personal video. Finally, the latest news and pictures are on the "My Blog" page.

I moved to Kendal in 2009 , for the wonderful walking. Nowadays, I usually enjoy my Monday off in the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales with my tent and girlfriend.

Here I am in January 2014, near the top of High Street. High Street is the highest hill North of Staveley, on the Kentmere horseshoe.

James Morris, High Street, Lake District, 2000 AD

A link to my Facebook page is below.  It has more photos, and may be interesting as a historical blog.

My other websites include:


Business Hours
Tuesday      7pm - 2am
Wednesday 7pm - 2am
Thursday  7pm - 3.15am
Friday        7pm - 3.15am
Saturday   7pm - 3.30am
Sunday      7pm - 2.00am

Testimonials include:

"You're the most reliable firm I know!"

"You're the nicest taxi-driver I know!",

"That was the best ride I've ever had!", 

"You've got the best music in town!".

"I didn't want a cab until I saw you!"

"You're the most honest taxi-driver in town!"

Here's my picture gallery. There are many more photos on the other pages of this website.

30 Highgate
Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4SX
07570 844952
Why pick Taxis Kendal?

Reliability... I'm more reliable than bigger taxi firms since I'm aware of my next booking and will not change plans if it affects it.  If a driver in a bigger firm has a change of plan, the operator is rarely told, and often cannot meet the time of the next booking.

Honesty... I've had no criminal convictions (apart from one speeding fine), am respectful and honest with my customers, and declare ALL my earnings to the Inland Revenue. 

I give an honest time of arrival. I allow at least an extra five minutes for each job. So when we agree a time, I'm very rarely late.

Better communication... I'm a native English speaker, being born in England and I've lived here all my life. So I'm better able to converse with foreigners and those with strong accents. Additionally, I will try to telephone the contact phone number when I arrive, and send a text if I'm unable to get through.

There's no "middle man"... The taxi-driver (ie me) is in direct conversation with the customer.  Additionally, if telephone communication breaks down (which often occurs when the customer is on the train), text messaging is possible and worthwhile.

It's a cleaner, superior, safer car...  This is gone into more detail on my Oxenholme Train Station page.

Great Local Knowledge...

I have worked as a taxi-driver here since 2009.  I know the area better than most taxi-drivers, and am better able to use the internet to find places than the average driver.  Additionally, I keep an extensive list of places that I've been to before.

Music...  I have a fine reputation for having the best music of any taxi in the area.  I have a 1300 song jukebox of personally edited music from classical to rap. This can help relax you or continue the party spirit.  Please ask to see the Jukebox Summary.

Friendliness... I'm genuinely interested in my customers.  So if you'd like conversation, I'd be delighted to discuss problems or celebrations or pholosophies with you!


You can find me opposite 30 Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4SX if I'm not busy.  Otherwise, you can phone me on 07570 844952.

My Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions Statement are on the What's On page.

This website is in English.  Other languages are below.

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